So Jenifa is not in Afenjas after all. But is it all bad news?


Nigeria collectively clutched her pearls when we heard that our very own Jenifa, aka Funke Akindele, was not in fact in the upcoming Hollywood superhero film “Avengers: Infinity War“.

What was this travesty? Who approved this treachery?! Just after we’d rejoiced and nearly called a public holiday? Oh, what a betrayed!

But the pieces started to make sense. The actress herself never mentioned it, nor did she acknowledge the role once the news broke.

Sources close to the actress have now revealed that the actress was never contacted to feature in the movie. It’s been gathered the stunt was pulled by a hacker, who indirectly made Funke Akindele a viral celebrity sensation when Nigerians spotted the name.

But does that need to be the end of the buzz? It would be nice to hope that Hollywood would sit up and take note of the furore but really, that’s not how business works.

As a great friend says:

“Whether Jenifa is aware or not, this Àféńjà hiccup is actually the most brilliant PR for her and her career! Whoever she paid to have worldwide servers talking to one another about her must be rewarded immensely. Someone in Hollywood is bound to cast her soon. In years to come, film schools all over the world shall start teaching students about the strange ‘Akindele Effect.'”

And maybe she did not push this envelope, but if I were her, I’d ride this particular PR vehicle till the back wheels fell off. New shots, new movie roles that showed polished Funke as opposed to just Jenifa. My agent would talk and talk till he got lockjaw. The thing I never thought possible would suddenly be within reach. Sure, I might not get my own Hollywood Star, but by Golly, I would be in a movie or two. And sooner than expected too!

I really hope something great happens for her and she laughs last!

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