So what if he is the father of your children?


What’s with this phrase “he’s the father of your children?”

So bloody what if he is?

Why do people get all sentimental without sense? Between yesterday and today, I’ve seen people attempt to shame and humiliate women with that lousy phrase.

He’s abusive, he beats her silly…..he’s the father of your children

He cheats on her….he’s the father of your children

He abandoned them and took a walk….he’s the father of your children

He has never taken care of his kids….he’s the father of your children

Like seriously?

Do you know it takes more than spermatoza to father a child?

Meanwhile where is the “she’s the mother of your children” line when a woman is being pummeled in her matrimonial home?

Where’s the solidarity and empathy? Where is it?

Where is it when she’s thrown out of the man’s house for flimsy reasons such as in-law wahala or even cooking?

Where is the phrase when a woman is being serially cheated on and yet the man leaves her? Because if she leaves him despite all he’s doing, you will hear “he’s the father of her children”.

The US-Nigerian veteran who was assassinated here in Nigeria had his story shared by his sisters, and now I’m seeing all sort of funny write ups all over Zuckerville, even when word had gotten out the man was very abusive.

His death remains highly regretful but for those who are blaming his wife for her reaction to him in the videos, you need to get over yourself.

That he even had the guts to record what was happening and not what he did, making himself look like the victim, is very annoying.

And then I saw another one – oh I can’t help laughing- some poor, misguided self righteous, fellow, attempted shaming a woman who triumphed over the nasty experience of domestic violence in her past and successfully moved on in a beautiful marriage, with the “but he’s the father of your children line….”

He’s crazy. Very crazy.

Where was the “father of your children” story when the woman was battered and broken?

Now that she has triumphed and found love again, you have managed to make the abuser look like the victim, madness!

I see ladies get emotionally blackmailed with this every time so they stay in abusive relationships/marriages, return to past lovers who left them out in the cold most times abandoning God sent men). I see them return to men who for ten years have never taken care of the child they spawned all because of the lousy excuse, “he’s the father of your children”

I once asked a friend why she was even given ear to the family of her son’s father when they have never contributed a dime to the well-being of the boy?

Tomorrow, the guy will probably have stupid kids or maybe none at all, and like Nollywood movies, she will be expected to forgive, forget and live happily-ever-after with the king of irresponsibility, probably shunning a good man who loves her and her child so much. All because “he’s the father of her child”

Next time someone pulls that card at you, simply reply “So what?!”

God is the real father of your children!!! Don’t you EVER forget that! It takes responsibility to be called a father, not sperm and sentiments.


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