Social Entrepreneur Dayo Israel spotted with David Cameron, Ellie Goulding, Kofi Annan, Prince Harry in the UK


Nigeria’s celebrated Social Entrepreneur Dayo Israel was spotted in London with several world leaders and celebrities during the recently concluded Commonwealth Day/Commonwealth Africa Summit 2016.

In a new set of videos released on his YouTube page and pictures courtesy of the BBC, Dayo can be seen interacting with British Prime Minister David Cameron. He can also be seen sitting across from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in the Abbey Service, beside Kodjo Annan and right behind the outgoing Secretary General Mr Kalaesh Sharma, and British Singer Ellie Goulding.

Video can be seen:

Dayo, who was raised by a single mother after losing his father at the age of 11 has continued to inspire children and young people across Africa with his life and achievements. He says “Every African deserves sustainable livelihood and all sectors of the society must do their best to ensure that no child is left behind and no family is left impoverished.”

He can also be seen behind Kofi Annan and Olusegun Obasanjo in a picture taken in the VIP room at the Westminster Abbey after the service, and in a picture with Prince Harry.

According to Dayo Israel:

“My conversation with the Prime Minister was solely on the role of FAITH in building a better world. I discussed with the Prime Minister on how Faith must continue to play a role in our society and help restore values.

“I joked with the Prime Minister that he will make a good preacher and Faith Leader considering his performance during the London Holy Ghost Service, and he responded that he actually felt like one and believed that Interfaith cohesion will continue to play a role in building an inclusive society, which was the theme of the Service.”

The Service was also attended by Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Moseray Fadika, John Major, delegates of the Commonwealth Africa Summit 2016, Nane Annan and Kofi Annan, Dr. Mary Manzo, Mr Soji Adeniyi, Mr Samson Abidemi, Dr. Alistair Soyode of BEN TV and many other Commonwealth Leaders.

The service was part of the weeklong activity to celebrate Commonwealth Day and Commonwealth Africa Summit. Dayo also led the delegation of African leaders to the Wreath laying ceremony as well as a Private reception with Prince Andrew the Duke of York at Buckingham Palace. He is seen with Obasanjo and the Duke in one of the photos.

He also challenges young people to live their destiny and never let poverty or background limit their achievement. He says at a recent event with the Junior Chambers International in Lagos, Nigeria:

“I grew up in Ebute Metta Oyingbo where everyone got pregnant or got someone pregnant by 16, there was so much poverty but I learnt from the scriptures that there is greatness inside of me and that greater works will I do, and that challenged me to dream beyond my environment and give my life a meaning, you can also do the same with faith in God.”

A highly sought after inspirational speaker, Dayo started preaching and holding crusades at the age of 9 as seen in a video on his Youtube page.

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