As you stretch out a helping hand, may your own helper locate you!


Anyone who says to you that you don’t need the help of any man to become successful is dense. Anyone who says you don’t need a helping hand; that you can make it on your own, is only after your downfall.
Talent is not enough. You need the help of a man to realise your dream.
What you don’t need is just ANYBODY. You need the RIGHT person(s).

Enia lo n mu’ni mo enia.
It is someone who will introduce you to someone.

One might remain on the same spot for a very long time if the right person(s) don’t show up to render the help you need.
That man is the link that’ll connect your expectation with fulfilment, and when this man does not show up, frustration sets in. Some people were just a man away from their breakthrough at the time they gave up.

This is the reason why I hardly turn anyone away if the assistance they require is within my reach. I don’t hold back whether it’ll bring gain to me or not. I just want to do the little I can to help somebody move closer to their goal. Sometimes, it’s as little as a word of advice.

So how many of you are out there today withholding the help you can render to move someone else’s life forward? You have the links, money, position, and power, but for reasons best known to you have simply decided not to help?

Enia naa lo ran e lowo de’bi to de lo ni.
Someone helped you to get to this point where you are today in life.

Think well, boya o ti gbagbe wipe awon kan lo ran e lowo–mimo se e nikan ko o. Or perhaps you’ve forgotten? That someone helped you?

Dreams are realised through interactions. Enia lo n mu’ni mo enia.

May our helpers locate us. Amen.

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