Snakes and monkeys the new money gobblers in Nigeria

Nigerian Snake

There must be something we are missing. Either they have added sugar or something to money. The way these animals are swallowing CBN money, shey person will not even start eating raw money like this? After all, what is the point of buying food with food?

Now, a snake is swallowing JAMB’s 36 million naira in collaboration with housemaid who also wanted part of the booty stashed by an official in her office vault.

Philomena Chiesche (a clerk) has said she did not mention snake ooo. That they have not even questioned her. Who knows, perhaps it was monkeys?

Recent news reveals that monkeys have hacked into the Eighth Senate of the Northern Senator’s Forum. This time the animals have a high ranking collaborator in person of Senator Abdullahi Adamu.

Senator Shehu Sani revealed that Adamu had been accused of mismanaging N70 million belonging to the Northern Senators. The money had apparently been passed to them from the 7th senate.

Now, the mystery seems to also be wrapped around a specially orchestrated heist by monkeys. Hian. This money sauce must be something really trending in animal cuisine. For them to have grubbed up N70 million naira? This cannot be coincidence, wallahi!

There is something these animals are not telling us and I recommend we kidnap one from each animal group. Then we must put them through thorough interrogation. Something hot is going on, swallowing money is not too bad sha, things don too dey cost for this Naija sef.

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