Syrian Father Tripped While Running To Safety Gets Some Good News


Shebi you people were here last week when I told you about this Hungarian spawn of Satan who was supposed to be an impartial camerawoman recording footage for her right-wing N1TV, but instead took it upon herself to be kicking refugees as they tried to run to safety?


Well, that video went viral, and although there is footage of the young boy screaming in terror and the father looking shell-shocked after the incident, they made it safely into Germany.


The media circus were waiting for them there, and it was soon revealed that Osama Abdul Mohsen is in fact an ex-football coach. And now, staff at a school for football coaches in the suburb of Getafe in Spain have tracked down the devoted father – and offered to help him rebuild his life by giving him a job and accommodation.

©AP|Miles of smiles after the ordeal

He has now boarded a train to Barcelona where he is now safe with his 7 year old son, Zaid, and there is even further good news! Apparently, he left behind a wife and two older children, and arrangements have now been made to bring them over also, and to reunite the family.


No-good, triflin’ heifer aka Petra Laszlo, on the other hand, has been fired from her job, and is possibly going to face charges for assault back in Hungary.


There are many ways to view this crisis that has beset Europe, and each side has very valid points. I state and I repeat that simply opening the borders without control or strategy will be disastrous; there needs to be a long-term solution to the endless, needless deaths, tears and devastation.

But to trip over a man carrying a child? To kick a young girl as she tries to run? To be so filled with hatred as to know that you must be being filmed and to just do it anyway? I can’t cope with you, Ms Laszlo, and I hope you get everything coming to you.

©AFP/Getty Images|Petra Laszlo doing some of her finest work.

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