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The Nigerian economy and the dangers of a mono-economy

Speaking on the Nigerian economy: "Poverty tripled between 2008 - 2009, inflation rose from 6% in 2007 to 15.1% in 2008, and the food...

Niger Delta Avengers call a ceasefire? Hahaha! Dem tay sef!

Niger Delta Avengers declare ceasefire. Say they are ready for dialogue with government. And I laugh heartily in Ijaw! Make dem no declare ceasefire o!...

Niger Delta Avengers: incompetence visible as their Twitter account is suspended

I don't have a problem with revolution, honestly, I don't. The French Revolution led to the egalitarian state the French enjoy today. Many civil...

The Curse Of Oil

"How is it possible that a superabundance of natural resources - oil, gas, copper, iron ore - would not significantly add to a nation's...

IMF President Christine Lagarde in Abuja holding talks with President Buhari

It would seem that the IMF chief was very pleased with the outcome of her meeting with PMB today as the internet seems to...