IMF President Christine Lagarde in Abuja holding talks with President Buhari


It would seem that the IMF chief was very pleased with the outcome of her meeting with PMB today as the internet seems to be awash with platitudes of her approval of how the current government is running things.

Yes, IMF. That body that has always been wholly fair to African nations and treated us fairly on fiscal matters involving our own assets, resources and property.

Anyway, Ms Lagarde had this to say:

Just met President Buhari of Nigeria. Impressed with government’s response to challenge of sustained, low oil prices // Rencontre avec le Président Buhari. Impressionnée par la réaction du gouvernement face à la baisse des prix du pétrole

And this:

Why, thank you, Ms Lagarde. It is always our fervent wish to impress you, so we’re glad that we managed it on this occasion. Does this mean you will jump and pass and leave us to manage our country as we best see fit? Cos it certainly sounds like what you are saying. If so, then well done, Buhari. We already have enough to deal with without adding ‘foreign aide’ to our worries.

Anyway, as one of our fabulous writers here, Sayo, had to say:

So, while I wish Christine, Muhammadu and our economic team a ‘successful meeting’, what I am concerned about is how the outcome of this particular meeting will largely stray from the ‘usual’ monkeyshine and ACTUALLY BENEFIT our economic growth, and by extension, the average Nigerian citizen – worker, student, trader, humble breadwinner, etc.

Any outcome that oozes macroeconomic details will be nothing short of jargon to that man or woman in Aba, Bida, Idumota or Dugbe, who just wants a better life as a taxpaying citizen.

So again, welcome Christine…. Kemi and Emefiele, get ready to inform us about the “hoped” benefits of/from this IMF visit in “English”.

Lest I forget, Femi, no tweets pls, let this one pass, thank you… (you all know the Femi I dey talk about, shey?)

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