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10 people who appear when you make a gender specific post...

There are ten people who appear when you make a gender specific post. They are sometimes connected to you directly but most are strangers...

To be born a female in Igboland: then and now

To be born a female in Igboland used to be one of the most depressing events in the life of any individual. We are...

Equality begins at home

My Dad always sounds it in my ears "Nkechi, you must be tough. Being girlish and being ladylike is not an excuse for weakness". This...

Today we celebrate Caroline Herschel – astronomer extraordinaire

While Nigeria insists on being stuck in the Stone Age and remains relentless in the pursuit of prejudice, punishment and oppression against women, certain civilisations liberated...

Viva Naija embraces equality for ALL; slams homophobia, prejudice and violence

This will probably be the shortest post ever because my heart is heavy with how backward we are as a nation and the hatred...