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Nkechi Bianze

Nkechi Bianze is the name. I love reading and writing, but I still haven’t come around to being comfortable with the “writer” tag, maybe because that puts some level of needless pressure on me. I’m highly analytical. I love love and I love life. I’m passionate about advocating for the rights of children, the elderly and women. I am a feminist who advocates and believes in the need for a gender equal planet.

It is Child abuse NOT discipline

A lot of the acts most Nigerian parents of the past few generations referred to as discipline actually do amount to abuse and infliction of grievous bodily harm. Thinking back, I really don't know what...

Different strokes for different folks

  Gender Role Stereotyping I know a woman. We are very close to the extent that I've been to her house a couple of times to spend a few days. So, what I want to tell...

Nigerians and fake accents

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala studied in two of the most prestigious Universities in the world; MIT and Harvard. She had a magma cum laude from Harvard at the age of 22. That’s the second highest academic degree...

The rise in divorce rates is a positive thing

The rise in the rate of divorce in Nigeria is a VERY POSITIVE thing. We should be celebrating the end of toxic marriages. You know, like throwing parties. And the rate of divorce will continue...

A few thoughts on Marriage

1. Marriage benefits men more than it benefits women. 2. There are slightly more males in Nigeria than females. There are slightly more males on earth than females. (I'm bored of arguing this. Before you...

Dear God give me daughters with sense

At 18, I was having sleepless nights over important things like whether to study Diagnostic Radiography, Mechanical Engineering, or Aeronautical Engineering. I was also contemplating whether to settle for University of Hertfordshire or University...

Men stop enabling hungry women

I used to blame girls who order like gluttons when they go on dates with men. They order takeaway for themselves and for their friends, and leave the men to pay the bills. Now, I don't...

Don’t chase money and lose what really matters

Chasing money My friend, a Ghanaian came to visit me yesterday. He was married in Ghana with two children, but got divorced shortly before he relocated to Canada. He and his wife had joint custody of...

Divorce is an option

Divorce Some days ago, it was on the news that a woman stabbed her husband to death. And everyone condemned it saying “If you are tired of your marriage, it’s better to divorce than to...

The unemployability of Nigerian Graduates

Just after I graduated, I went to a family friend’s company in Lagos, and we got discussing. He complained to me that worst than lack of jobs is that many “so called” graduates are...