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Friday, July 1, 2022
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Are you not entertained?! Non-minority Americans surprised by Trump’s #MuslimBan

He fails at the most crucial things, is completely incompetent, but makes a lot of noise about small, insignificant, self-sabotaging actions in a bid...

Twitter 1-Katie Hopkins 0! How Her 2am Apology Tweet to the...

Katie Hopkins is evil. She is perhaps the most evil thing in the United Kingdom, and I include Nigel Farage and marmite in this...

Eunice Elisha and the Banality of Religion in Nigeria

I'm trying not to think/talk/write about it, but, it isn't going away. Eunice. Eunice Elisha. Her death and its circumstances really hurt me. I actually can't describe...

EVERYBODY hates Donald Trump! Except Americans and Katie Hopkins

I wonder what Americans are thinking?? Why does Donald Trump continue to rise in the ratings? Do they WANT another World War? They lost so...

GERRARAHIA MEHN! Thousands Sign ‘Ban Trump From UK’ Petition

When Trump first declared that he was contesting for the position of leader of the Free World, I thought "Haha, this will be great...