Twitter 1-Katie Hopkins 0! How Her 2am Apology Tweet to the Mahmood Family Backfired


Katie Hopkins is evil. She is perhaps the most evil thing in the United Kingdom, and I include Nigel Farage and marmite in this list. She has made a living out of insulting, denigrating and purposefully offending people. What’s worse is that the Daily Fail continues to give her a platform upon which to do it. And while that fiendish rag is not exactly known for its scruples; that they insist on keeping Katie Hopkins on their payroll is unfathomable, even for them.

And so it was that a year ago, the Mahmood family were blocked from entering America to go to Disneyland with their children with no explanation.

Not one to mind her business or even wait for the full story, Ms Hopkins took to the Daily Mail pages to state that US officials were indeed right to stop the Mahmood family from boarding the flight, and insinuated that the two brothers were extremists with links to al-Qaida.

A year later, the Daily Mail has FINALLY issued a full apology and parted with 150,000 of the Queen’s best pounds as payment to the Mahmood family for the unfounded, libellous filth that spewed forth from Hopkins’ hands. The brothers said they were pleased that after “a great deal of dragging of their heels” the Mail and Hopkins had accepted that their allegations were false.

“Even to this day, the US authorities have not explained the reason why we were not permitted to travel; we assume it was an error or even a case of mistaken identity,

“However, matters are not helped when sensationalist and, frankly, Islamophobic articles such as this are published, and which caused us all a great deal of distress and anxiety. We are very pleased that the record has been set straight.”

Their lawyer, Carter Ruck, said that while most of the coverage of the Mahmood family’s ordeal had been fair and balanced, “there was absolutely no basis for suggesting that any of the Mahmoods were or are extremist, and the family were simply going on holiday.”

Part of the agreement was that Hopkins would be made to issue a public apology and full rescission of her comments. Ungracious and utterly without class even in the face of defeat, Hopkins decided to issue her apology at 2am on Monday, 19th in the hope that it would go unnoticed.

She was wrong.















And our all time favourite:



Katie Hopkins will not go away and quietly die somewhere. Unfortunately, the Daily Mail probably figures that £150k is a small price to pay for all the publicity and click-throughs that Hopkins generates. Like we said earlier, the rag that violated people’s privacy and hacked voicemail messages just to print a story are hardly the people to look to for a moral compass.

We can only congratulate the Mahmood’s on staying the course and their win against evil.

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