Are you not entertained?! Non-minority Americans surprised by Trump’s #MuslimBan


He fails at the most crucial things, is completely incompetent, but makes a lot of noise about small, insignificant, self-sabotaging actions in a bid to seem impressive or hardworking. Talk about a man who is busy doing nothing! Only the Frump could issue a #MuslimBan that was never a ban on the most threatening countries.

In the last few days since becoming president, America saw firsthand exactly how Donald Trump does business. Bankrupt more times than I’ve had hot dinners; skipped out on paying people who needed that money to survive; hundreds of half-baked, never-again-heard-of businesses that he’s leveraged money from investors to dream up and partially establish; his name in gold letters atop buildings he doesn’t even own. But best known for dodgy hair, identical wives, weird looking kids, and “You’re fired!” TV series.

The whole world went off into a tailspin when El Cheeto decided to issue a travel ban on seven Muslim countries. He barred people from Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Libya and Somalia from entering the United States for 90 days. It also stopped all refugees from entering the U.S. for 120 days and indefinitely suspended the entry of refugees from Syria.

No mention of Pakistan, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia or the UAE. Hahaha! Like Trump is about to ban people from the UAE or Saudi Arabia. Ever the playground bully, unable to stand up to the real threats; never a responsible, grown adult. Even at 70.

The thing is: every single minority person saw this before Trump was voted in. He made no bones about how he felt about us, and made promises that were part of his campaign. We knew his election would lead to precisely this sort of ethnic/religious/otherwise cleansing. When he shouted Make America Great Again, we knew he mean Make America White Again. We knew he’d get rid of non-natives (Melania, that may well include you, sweet cheeks!), and even bring back the Slave Trade if he could. We screamed, shouted and campaigned because we knew. But people didn’t listen.

There are millions of bigoted Americans who voted for Trump; no doubt about it. But I will take on board that there are many who voted either out of hatred for Hillary or selfishness (taxes, finances, wank-wank-money-in-the-bank). And there are yet some who simply did not believe that he could or would do any of these things. Did not believe that by putting an X next to The Big Wotsit, they were ushering in an era of unprecedented hatred, prejudice and subjugation.

And the reason why they did not believe was because it did not affect or touch them. They were so privileged, so entitled, so far from the madding crowd that they could not comprehend a world where the horrors that minorities witness on a daily basis could be real. Oh, and by the way, this includes rich, black folk too. Steve Harvey gurning next to The Walking Satsuma makes me sick to my stomach; more so than any white person rooting for this dystopia in which we have now found ourselves.

Here we are now. We have a #MuslimBan. We’re in a world where Americans voted for evil and it has come to lay great, big, orange eggs. Who’s surprised though? Only White Americans. Every Black, Brown, Hispanic, LGBT American already knew this. Oh, and by the way, for the rest of America who haven’t felt the orange burn yet…give it a minute.


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  • Even that is not surprising. You will have to go far to find a nation more lacking in empathy than Nigeria.

    Something terrible is happening in the North? Serves them right, all those Muslim blah blah blah.

    Something terrible is happening to Yorubas? Serves them right! What has Tinubu ever done for us!

    Something terrible is happening in the East? Serves them right! Shebi we were here when they said they wanted to go off and form their own IPOB?

    These people support Trump because what Trump is doing is second nature to them: hurt who you like as long as it’s not me. I don’t care for them no-way, no-how!

  • Viva Naija it baffles me when I see Nigerians back home supporting this inept buffoon. I can’t wrap my mind around it, I have decided that, for my sanity and piece of mind, that all those followers should untangle themselves from my friends list, either online or in real life!!!

  • Ohi Edeki you’ve said everything. I saw someone on Facebook the otehr day spouting support for this cretin. I see his name often, so I thought maybe we were friends. Turned out we weren’t but we have many mutual friends. I blocked him should in case of him ever thinking to send a friend’s request. Odious toad.

  • Viva Naija as in…..the sad part is that they can’t even tell you why they support the idiot. I’ve seen some answers like, he’s a billionaire so he must be smart or that he is a man of God and that he will ban same sex marriage, since for some idiotic reason, that is a major issue in Nigeria, to he is a man of the people and he will give them Biafra smh !!!

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