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A talent for having things we would not ordinarily have

Funny observations You have a blue Omo or Harpic t-shirt, but you use Ariel or Sunlight washing powder, and Vim for your toilet. You have...

Random Rat memes because Bubu

Funny memes So dem say Oga Bubu go dey work from home because rat don colonize him office, chop him A/C and couch ba? What a...

Think again before taking a bat to your cheating boyfriend’s car!

Cheating Boyfriend So you just found out that boo is cheating on you and you are very very VERY angry. In fact you are so...

Some thoughts on the “Bro code”

Soooooooooo A few days ago I learnt that it is "unthinkable" for a guy to date a girl his friend used to date. Apparently it...

When an African mother is punishing you

If you were raised by an African mother, then you know that before beating you, she might ask you a question or two. She...

The Girl Scrub: what to do when your date brings her...

Me, I'm a guy, and I have a date with a lady halafu she shows up with 3 of her friends without notice... Tufiakwa! That is...

Being an “adult” when someone farts in a meeting

Being an adult is a really difficult affair. Because being an adult means that you have to be mature and tolerant to some things....

6 Pictures Showing Older People Having The Time of Their Lives!

I love it when older folk show the young ones how to have fun and these pictures do exactly that! And without iPads and...

Lol! Shant Gree Tinz on the Streets of London

That moment when you want to let the haters know that you're just not playing with them at all at all