Think again before taking a bat to your cheating boyfriend’s car!


Cheating Boyfriend

So you just found out that boo is cheating on you and you are very very VERY angry. In fact you are so angry that you channel your inner “yonce”, pick up a baseball bat, locate his Toyota and proceed to scratch, smash, puncture and generally victimize the defenseless car. With each swing of the bat you feel liberated and triumphant. No one cheats on (Insert name here) and gets away with it!

Erm madam can I just tell you something?

You see the whole “boyfriend is cheating so lemme go and smash something that belongs to him in retaliation” shtick?

Dat shit don’t work yo!

E no dey work for real life! Na feem trick and moosic video!

In reality you will NOT go scot free. In a country with a legal system that works, you will be arrested and brought up on all kinds of charges ranging from “disturbing the peace” to “property damage” and Bae can and will probably sue your tight ass for everything from the aforementioned “property damage” to “emotional distress’ (he loved that car yo!) and you will lose that case and proceed to pay outta your nose sote that Bae will end up having enough money to purchase another car to continue his cheater in!

In a country like ours with a legal system on life support the scenario isn’t so different. Patapata Bae will go to the police and report and after 8-15K has exchanged hands, they will catch you and lock you up for a few weeks. Have you seen the inside of a Naija prison? It does not breed slay queens or slay mamas o! Craw craw will decorate your every every!

See if bae is cheating on you, leave! That is the only valid action. Leave his ass! Leave his cheating, lying, no integrity, probably got an STD ass! Last I checked, cheating is not a crime so it’s not as if you can report him sef. The only thing you can do is take a walk. Don’t go and complicate your life and add legal matter to broken heart o!

You are forming scorned diva, smashing car and you think you will go scot free so?


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