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Dear God give me daughters with sense

At 18, I was having sleepless nights over important things like whether to study Diagnostic Radiography, Mechanical Engineering, or Aeronautical Engineering. I was also...

Drama as female pastor wears military uniform to pulpit & shoots...

Ahh ! It was hard to control my laughter! What haven't we seen in this country. What won't we see in this life?? It's been...

On some days, things will just not work

Wisdom for living Life is "funny". There was something I wanted to do last year around this time and it was not wise at all. At...

Dear God why the mosquito?

Are you there God? It's me Dotun. I'm sorry to bother you on your off day but I need to get something off my...

Stop being busybodies and let people live their lives

Busybodies I’ve got a senior friend who got married in her early 20s, after her bachelors degree, and went ahead to have a child the...