Dear God give me daughters with sense


At 18, I was having sleepless nights over important things like whether to study Diagnostic Radiography, Mechanical Engineering, or Aeronautical Engineering. I was also contemplating whether to settle for University of Hertfordshire or University of Glamorgan, or University of Manchester.

I got an offer to study Electrical Electronics Engineering. I got another offer for Aerospace Engineering, and later changed it to Mechanical Engineering, which I finally settled for.

At 21, I was working extra hard and fantasizing how I would graduate with a first class. Do my masters, get a job, and start a business.

If a God exists up there, I’m making this prayer to him/her.

Rather than give me a teenage daughter who occupies her brain with the thought about submission, don’t give me a daughter.

At 18/19, my daughters should be in Ivy league colleges on the academic race to emerge the overall best in their classes.

Hell no!
I do NOT want a teenage daughter who occupies her head with submission and marriage. God forbid!

If I even have such, I’ll go do a DNA test to ascertain if I’m the actual mother, or maybe the baby was mistakenly swapped at birth. Because I don’t believe a baby who grew in my womb for months would grow up and end up like that. It’s almost impossible.

Any child who comes out of my womb will be a feminist by default (feminism will be embedded in their genes), would be very ambitious, and would detest the word submission.

Anyway, even though you didn’t even develop in my womb, I can’t raise you and you will end up like that. It’s a past, present and future impossible figure of speech.

If my child asks me for the meaning of submission, I’ll tell them it means slavery. That it’s a word from the pit of hell coined by Satan and evil people who existed on earth to make people miserable.

If any child, including YOUR child ask me for the meaning of submission, I’ll give them same answer as I would give my own child.

Today, I’m reaffirming my stance that my children will NOT attend Nigerian churches, especially those types where they teach and brainwash them with sermons on submission and the rest of those nonsense.

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