The Inseparability of Loss and Second Chances

Second Chance Just Ahead Green Road Sign Over Dramatic Clouds and Sky.

The saddest thing about losing someone is not particularly about the day or the minute that you lose them. It is more of how unbeknownst they are or could be about how much you miss them and want them back. That lulling feeling when the unfiltered words of silence can never be enough for what is still to be said.

The dent they leave on your heart, leaving behind sweet memories you miss so much that you don’t mind having them back to relive even a few bad ones, just so to have them around and hope there is a chance for something. A spark, or even less, a blip.

It is never easy to forget someone who gave you so much to remember.

In fact, a shout out to the ones we must have lost, the ones yet to leave, and the ones coming. They could get to where you are and hopefully, they will stay. When they don’t,‎ they will get on with their lives and then later probably get hooked wondering about what could have been, whereas what could have been could have actually been, if they weren’t tardy in thought and shaken in a faith in themselves and about what they wanted. ‎

But then, these feelings that reel from a painful loss aren’t an end, rather, it is how we make use of what is (left) within to “fall forward” into a tomorrow that ultimately makes our future – the beauty of which is the chance to try again.

I call it the beauty of blankness. A clean slate. A refreshed canvas. The essence (not occurrence) called “Second Chances”.

And, this is the reason why you should never let anyone make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want, tethered to an unclarity that hinders both emotional and mental advance.

The people we either loved, knew and/or have been with never really leave us. Somehow, they remain and stay as long as we want them to by keeping them in our hearts for as long as we hope to.

You own the keys, you are the janitor of the window and doors of your mind still, you always are, and you just sincerely need to access where you have been in order to know where you are going. The (self) love will carry you; so let go, wait, and let the absorbing tide of self-love ferry you out of the swirl of Loss to where you want, scratch that, where you NEED to be.

Loss is never the end, in actual fact, loss always has a song of hope on its lips, a song titled “Second Chance(s)”. It’s always left to you to decide to sing along, or not.

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