Theresa May is the new British Prime Minister, but no aso ebi anywhere o!

Theresa May - Prime Minister and Husband

A new prime minister, and cabinet was sworn in yesterday in Britain, no fanfare, no aso-ebi.

Barely 24 hours later, Theresa May has named a cabinet she believes will work best for her and for the country under her watch.

Even the initial assumption,that there would be a “March of the Women” – men steadily being weeded out and women being put in high positions, has not come to pass.

She is from Oxfordshire, but has not filled the cabinet with other people from Oxfordshire.

Here, we fan-fared, we asoebi-ed, and it took it as a portion of an aeon to name a “holy spirit-filled” cabinet. Till now, we are still messing with federal character higi-haga as touching appointments.

Our own House of Representatives are ‘offing’ shirt to fight. The agbayas are threatening to impregnate and beat up themselves.

These are the kind of things that make me wanna believe that these oyinbo people get “two-head” after all.

But no! I have a plan. A plan to even beat them to it – A Nigeria where you actually campaign for political offices with your cabinet.

sssshh #DontLoudItYet.

I greet you jare Theresa May…and I salute your structure and discipline.

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  1. Phillip’s bae…Theresa May is so influence to people especially the women race…she’s so confidential in speaking….i just like her spirit…she supported the #Brexit from day one and now she’s here as the PM…..the likes of Andrea Leadsom and Michael Gove can acknowledge the fact that’s the best….Leadsom was here runner up..but she end her chase for the PM…

    • Why are you talking like an illiterate? You mean she will send MI5 and MI6 to come and rescue Kanu from prison? Remember Nigeria is a sovereign nation. But I don’t have anything against Igbos getting Biafra OK. It’s perfectly OK by me

  2. We are brothers and sister, tongue and teeth always quarrel but there is no where to go for both.I will surgest that we need to change the name to United State of ( pls fill the gap) because l beleive some people are tired of the name Nigeria

  3. guys try to understand that all the evils yourbas and hausa were doing to igbos was ploted by the british even they were on the ground fighting with guns during biafran war! they were d problem of biafran Since Zik used grammer to give nigeria independents from them they were after igbos so do not expect any help from May she will even do more evil to Biafrans. because their reason from b

  4. buhari and co. which they put in leadership positions. know it that all the oil blocks were being owned by them and the Northners were managing it for them when GEJ was on the seat he refuses to renew the lisences of so many oil block owners this why they did everything possible and removed him ofwhich he is very stupid by not heeding to d advise of the one that put him there which is OBJ. Britain introduced and procure Card reader machine and even programed it how it will work through China Company! to the extent the one GEJ used is scrambled but over drunkardless of jonathan didnt allow him to have sense cos he so much trust her spiritual wife and others ocultics powers he has! So my dear let not igbos hope on britain and Americans they are all fraud nations and their hope is on nigeria economy through hausa Man

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