To cook or not to cook: Nigerians debate who belongs in the kitchen


Seriously, it’s like hunger no dey wire people for this country at all,  because we have fallen in love with this cook or don’t cook argument. The protagonists of #WifeNotCook on one side, and agony aunties invested in “saving” their younger Facebook friends from being led astray by angry feminists.

Yinmu for all of you.

It has come to my notice that some of you are priding in yeye, and you are finding yeye person to join body. See ehn, irrespective of gender, anybody that use “can’t” and “cook” in the same sentence needs to be confined to the monastery. These days traffic is not gender sensitive, and the headache specifically created from listening to hungry Naija-born children cries is also not gender sensitive.

It is utterly disgraceful for a man to claim that he left a relationship because she was unable to make the food the way his mummy used to make. If food is so important and life threatening to you, carry your lazy adult backside into the kitchen! So if another girl can make Oha, you dump the one that was Afang bender and your insatiable foolishness continues. Love without unconditional faithfulness should be trashed and kicked in the gutter abi? Sometimes fuckboys start to show symptoms of their malady by yammering about inanities like “the smell of good soup”. Similarly, women that would excuse their gross lack of home making skills,  go about making mouth about not knowing how to cook.

The kind of human wey don dey prepare to reject kitchen duties is laying foundation for endless argument and bickering in his/her family. Imagine how unproductive you will be as a family if all you argue about is whose turn it is to cook! Sometimes I just open mouth when I see the kind of issues we use as “rant” subject. Who wants to know what you will do when you marry? Goan marry fess and stop putting yourself in a stereotype that will haunt you in future.

With marriage comes babies, with babies come hunger, with babies come poop. Someone(s) eventually needs to take responsibility for all that sh*t – all pun intended. If you are already forming macho about these matters when you haven’t married,  you know you have to keep that charade up when you marry. It is not also a license for women to be paraded as housekeepers;  the job of home making is for two. That heartfelt advice agony aunties are giving to the ladies should be equally directed at impressionable young men who are daily tutored by society to expect food to be fed to them like toddlers. Even if by way of necessity women have to feed babies,  how about full grown men who have no handicap?

Food is life! Food is health!!  It’s not a thing of pride to say you cannot cook for a family you chose to start. If you cannot cook,  stay away!  And this is not gender sensitive.

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