Toh. Boko Haram killed everyone; is now starving in a food crisis of its own making


So according to several news media outlets, Boko Haram are in a food crisis of their own making.

This means, in the language we all understand, dem dey hungry. Reports say dozens of emaciated looking members are surrendering while the rest are going round villages and since they say a hungry man is an angry man, now they just shoot anyone on sight. They are less  interested in taking hostages though, dem no want humans again, but they are kidnapping cows and goats The hunger, it would seem, has touched their very souls.

I find this funny because one would think when monsters choose their paths, they would have planned ahead and have all possible angles of future setbacks covered, so food wasn’t in their budget or what?

I mean they thought they could go around killing innocent people, raping, abducting women and children, and ghosts would magically come out to provide food for them when there is no one left to farm and produce these things?!

Even their sponsors aren’t miracle workers they can’t provide food for them all the time. What is ISIL meant to do? Enter kitchen and start making egusi soup and small pounded yam?? This isn’t how any of this works, Boko Haram!!

Go to school, you won’t agree. You said Western education is bad. See na. Common terrorism, you can’t even plan. Food haff finish. Why didn’t their master planner sit down and foresee the future? They could only see that western education is bad while using the same western education knowledge to make bombs but couldn’t see that they would need food and water to spend more of their God-forsaken energy making bombs and killing people.

So what will they do now? No one will want to produce food in the already destroyed areas and I bet by now some of the sympathisers and supporters’ fan clubs must have dwindled, so its cattle napping and goat nabbing time. That’s to show you how desperate they are for food.

Maybe they should see this as a sign that they are wrong and should stop this madness, even horror movies end; they should call time on this causeless cause. If they are starving and have other serious setbacks as I am sure they do, going deeper into Cameroun is not the solution as they are doing right now. I doubt it though. Sigh.

They need to surrender, drop their arms and become farmers if they’re that hungry. They should dedicate the rest of their lives building back every village, town or city they have destroyed. Of course this will not atone for their sins or bring back any of the innocent lives they took, not even in a billion years to come but they should be useful.

As much energy, time and other factors of production put into recruiting, radicalising and bomb making, they should be made to channel all that energy in building each house damaged, working on farms burned, fixing up areas destroyed and be in community service for the rest of their lives.

If they are that hungry and are forced to start surrendering, they should take it as a sign that they do not have the support/approval of any divine being anywhere and stop this madness.

But wait o, weren’t the decimated lands farmlands owned by farmers before? Well, ain’t that a circle-of-life kick in the teeth?!

And to their sympathisers and supporters, don’t feed them o! When they eat your cows and goats finish then they will eat you. Proceed with assistance at your own risk. One day is one day, they will bite the fingers, toes, nose and yansh of those that have been feeding them.

Kontinuu oh.

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