UK is hell-bound as Theresa May calls for snap general election


When I heard the news that Theresa May had called for a snap general election on 8 June, my heart flopped. Instantly, I understood what she was trying to do: push for a hard close, bamboozle the general public, make Tory power unfuckwithable. There is no Liberal Democrat party any longer; we basically did away with them during and after the coalition. The Green Party is also missing in action. There was only ever one real opposition and that is the Labour Party. And today, they are weaker than they’ve ever been.

The Labour Party doesn’t know if it is coming or going, cannot stand behind its own candidates and leaders; it is a shambles. So it makes sense for the Tories to do what they do best: engineer a snap general election and grab everything they can for themselves, to hell with the rest of the country.

A party that only takes and never gives. A party that has systematically crippled this country with its policies and budget cuts. The party that will happily sit and watch the country buckle and break under tighter and tighter constraints while it enriches itself and its members.

The moment British prime minister Theresa May called for snap general election – ©BBC News

As for Theresa May, this hag becomes more contemptible with every passing day. For someone who claims she was a Bremainer, she certainly seems to be rather ardent at bringing about a Hard Brexit; pulling out all the stops to float Britain as a nation independent of allies.

If I were at the helm of change and had the power to change things to they way I really wanted them to be, wouldn’t it make sense that I would change them to my satisfaction or as close as I could possibly get it? If Chairman May really was ever a Bremainer, would it not make sense for her to opt for a softer Brexit now that she could actually orchestrate that? Ms May and the rest of her party are conniving, scheming, manipulative frauds. And Britain will suffer, possibly irreparably, for it.

That said, Britons are at least putting up a fight. Will it be enough?

Given the early opinion polls from the Telegraph, it seems that 2500 new Labour voters will simply not cut it. Pree here:

I have ALWAYS voted Labour in all things because the alternative, a Tory government, is an unthinkable course of action to me. And, should they gain power as they have, it will not be in my name.

My words, however, pale in consideration to Jonathan Pie’s colourful rant on the subject. It may seem like satire, but like every good comedy, it is drenched in truth. There are dark times ahead for the Labour party and the UK. What makes it worse is that I know of no foreseeable solution. Corbyn cannot get us out of this mess and there is no trusted leader or visionary.

Let us hope there will be more Jonathan Pie short clips and comedy in general. If we don’t laugh, we’re all going to curl up and die from the misery of it all very soon.

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