US Senator Elizabeth Warren is #ChillDeficient with Trump and we love it!

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I had personally never heard of this wonderful creature Elizabeth Warren, but I have to tell you: she is my spirit animal. This woman is articulate, brilliant, witty, and takes no prisoners. She says all the things you should say when you have searched high and low for f**ks to give and can’t seem to find any. But she says it in that Ivy League tone that lets you know she will school you if you try yourself.

Recently, Donald Trump has been whining about election rigging. His proof? It looks like he is not going to win these elections. He cannot conceive of a world where people do not want to be governed by a racist, prejudiced, entitled bigot who grabs women by the pussy.

Ms Warren clearly is not here for Trump and she let it be #bigly  known in this series of tweets she made about the Carrot Man:

And then, because Elizabeth Warren is not against getting down and dirty herself, she unleashed this gem on the Trumpster Dumpster:

I died. She basically called him a child. Which…I mean, he is, but to hear a senator say it gives me the warm and fuzzies.

She goes on to say that this smear campaign is something the entire Republican party has been playing at for a while now:


I was starting to lose hope as I couldn’t see past a world in which Donald Trump made it to the front of the Republican party as their presidential candidate. It started to seem like we would be led by a fool whose solution to pressing political issues was “We will build a wall!” But it is refreshing to see that not everyone has gone completely mad. Thank you for the breath of fresh air, Elizabeth Warren. You rock star, you.



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