Virtue isn’t just a Christian trait: the true meaning of A Virtuous Woman

virtuous woman

Virtuous Woman??? What is a virtuous woman?

It is no news that any time the word “virtuous” is attached to a woman, we often view her from the moral purity stand point.

We all seem to have an image of who a virtuous woman is, which in most cases is a weak, shit-taking, fasting and praying, STD-recipient, low libido-ed spirikoko kind of woman.

Well, I’m sorry to defrost your ice cream. Your image of a virtuous woman is far from what the bible really says about her. The image you have can only give you a Mac-Angel and Emmanuella experience, where your so called virtuous woman tells you, “this is not my real face.”


Virtuous is a word with a compound meaning that is not limited to moral purity.

Virtuousness has nothing to do with religion. Solomon was not a Christian, the woman exemplified was not a Christian either. Lets stop making virtuousness a Christian reality. You can be a 24-hour praying Christian woman with all the attendant services, yet fail to qualify as a virtuous woman.

The confusion that has engulfed us about who a virtuous woman is, stems from our incomplete understanding of the term ‘virtuous.’

Virtuous is a translation of the Hebrew word “chayil,” which means strength, wealth, valour, powerful, strong.

The simplest meaning is strength. This means strength in every aspect of your life. Strength of God, man, animal, plant, mind, character etc.

The word chayil appears in over 200 places in the Hebrew Bible and in all these places it was called strength except when used for women does it have an undertone of moral purity.

This was a deliberate move by the translators to impose their idea of what a woman should be upon the text. This in itself works mischief on the true intent of the text.

In the septuagint, chayil in Ruth 3:11 is translated as “dunamis” which is the Greek for power; while chayil in proverb 31:10 is translated as “andreia” which means manly.

From the above, there is no room for doubt that though virtuous in includes moral purity, there is much more to it because moral strength is just one type of strength.

A virtuous woman is a woman with an all encompassing strength. She is a fighter. A winner who defies the odds to lay claim to her place in life. A woman who conquers just as men.

We have many of such women. She is a complete woman. A woman who has been able to explore her abilities and put them to work. A woman who lives a life above gender limitations. A woman who owns her craft and style. She defines, creates and lives her reality.

Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams, Elizabeth Holmes, Mary Kay Ash, Angela Merkel, Taylor Swift, Okonjo Iweala, Joyce Meyer, Angelina Jolie, Gennevieve Nnaji, Chimamanda Adichie, my future wife etc and all the women living out their realities and passion all over the world are all virtuous women.

A virtuous woman is a woman of many strengths. She is that woman whose mind is her most prized asset and she has put it to good use.

A virtuous woman is a wonder in every sense of the word “wonder”.

Are you a virtuous woman?

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