What is the will of God about marriage?


There is a lot to say but let me focus on this one thing: the will of God for/in marriage is not a person. The will of God is the will of God and it is not tied to any one man or woman.

What this essentially means is that God can and will bring anyone who is willing to walk in line with His will for you and me into our lives and we marry, living lives that glorify Him.
The sooner people understand and accept this the sooner many right now with let go of this notion of finding “the one” whom they think without them life and purpose will be meaningless or even none existent.

This is not true.
God hasn’t run out of awesome kids to give as spouses.
No matter how much you have prayed, worked at it and believed, people make mistakes and mess up their relationships, make wrong choices and then choose not to correct them.

Some move on and then marry someone else. This is perfectly alright. No one is to be tied to you by force. Calm down, let God heal you and then find someone else.
This is part of what it means to be human.

Till the end of time many are going to experience this. It doesn’t make God or liar or mean that God changed His mind. People make things work or mess them up. God will not “come down from heaven” to hold your hands and drag you both kicking and screaming to an altar.

Let this idea go and experience the freedom that comes with it, knowing that God has your best interest at heart.

This issue is why some people are dating or married now but still hopeful that someone they have their eye on “will be theirs”, have divorced spouses and claimed God asked them to because they married the wrong person, and why some relationships have ended but at least one person refuses to move on because they are “waiting for the one to come back to their senses and continue with them.”

Most times this never happens.

Again, the will of God is not a specific person.

If that were the case, then once someone dies single someone else must also die single or be celibate for life to balance it out.

It also means that since some people marry against their will, don’t believe in God or do but walk in disobedience, there have been millions of wrong marriages since marriages began.

This means that there’s a very high chance (up to 100%, believe it or not) that right now you’re dating, engaged or married to someone else’s spouse or someone that is meant to be dead or celibate to balance out the choice their unknown other made.

See how confusing, confounding and ridiculous this notion is? Is this truly how God works?

If there is a “special one” for you, believe me it is because they said yes to you and they stayed. Anything for else is risking turning the sovereignty and wisdom of God into a game of chance and permutations.

Let’s leave that kind of thinking for football

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