Whose mans is this? Come get him, he ouchea acting UP!

©Facebook|Weird naked man with drinks - Feature

I’m a good person. I pay my taxes and I help old ladies across the street whenever I see them. I say my prayers every night every time I remember. So why in God’s name do I keep getting subjected to arrant foolishness? Why won’t Satan let me be great? Look at what I used my eyes to see on this thing called social media:

©Facebook|Weird naked man with drinks -2 ©Facebook|Weird naked man with drinks -1 ©Facebook|Weird naked man with drinks -6 ©Facebook|Weird naked man with drinks -7 ©Facebook|Weird naked man with drinks -8 ©Facebook|Weird naked man with drinks -5  ©Facebook|Weird naked man with drinks -3

©Facebook|Weird naked man with drinks -4
I know y’all can see this transparent bullsh*t right here, right??

Why did I paste all? because I cannot be the only one to use my eye to see this thing.

Please Mrs Shuaibu, come get your husband.

Jamiu, your daddy is calling you. Come and teach him how to use this beast called Facebook. He’s out here acting up.

He has finally offered an explanation for this bizarre behaviour on Facebook and quite frankly, I wish he hadn’t bothered. The explanation is as mental as the antics.



You see? People were spamming him with porn so he said let him kuku do his own.

Toh. Okay o. Me, I will off internet for today. I cannot come and go and die because Uncle Ray Ray has found the keys to the liquor cabinet yet again.

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  1. What da……….. he shouldn’t have explained. Before explaining he was just another naked attention seeker but after reading his comment he became another naked attention seeking dunce #boybye


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