Women: be spiritually sensitive to the needs of your children to avoid disaster


Sometimes we need to be spiritually aware, spiritually sensitive to the world around us. Especially to the needs of our children.

Today is Monday!
Thank God for a new week.
I thank God for life.
Thank God for his grace that’s enabling and empowering us this week to do exploits.

You won’t believe what Monday I’ve had, but thank God I’m resting on my bed this evening as I write this.
So I’m up this morning, bubbling with strength, ready to face my day. My hubby is doing school runs this morning so I’m free to take my time to pack up my things for school.

I’m all ready for that wonderful long ride, where I would not only enjoy the comfort of being alone with God, but I’ll totally enjoy the serenity of not having hubby and son pulling at me from all corners (I love them both so much, but I can totally do with some me time). So I step into this mission car of mine and put the keys in the ignition with so much confidence. I turn to start and I hear this sound like that of a strangled cat. Oh no!

Sigh. It is Monday after all. ?

Long story short, by 9am this morning, I had coughed out N26k to get a new battery. And by 9am this morning my face had this look that said, Keep Off!!!

I actually intended to keep that look until evening when I was going to have a heart to heart discussion with Mr. Abolade; the topic to be discussed: Recession and the effects of it on a happy wife. ???
So my ride didn’t go as jolly as intended and even Lara George’s voice echoing melodiously from the car stereo wasn’t going to bring me out of the foul mood. I was determined to keep the face till evening so my points could be taken seriously during the discussion.

Thank God I made it to school safe, well my staff have seen this “Keep Off” face a few times so they know to say good morning and actually Keep Off! (it wasn’t the best look for Monday morning but I didn’t have an option but maintain it so I wouldn’t lose it before evening). I know some of my lovely mothers reading will say, “You should commit such discussions to God, so he can take control of the situation and grant you favour before your husband”. Well, I try to do that on the days I’m really spiritual, but today???? Well, I’m only human.

So at about past 1pm, with my face intact, I receive a message on WhatsApp from a missionary friend in Port Harcourt, I rush to read, sincerely hoping it’s not some sour news, well unfortunately it is. Although it’s not persecution, it’s horrible.

Summary: A two year old toddler is raped by her uncle, and she is battling for her life in ICU. The mother left her with the uncle to attend a church programme. (I don’t think I need to go into details, you already understand the story)

Now I’m furious. Certainly not with the pervert of an uncle (my prayer is that whether he ends in or out of prison, that the mercy of God would deliver him from that wicked spirit before it completely destroys him). I’m furious at the mother!

I don’t blame her (I can’t; none of us is above mistakes) but I am angry at her. Angry at myself. Angry at what motherhood has become.

Can you even imagine the irony of the story? She went to church?? Now people would ask: could the God she worships not save her daughter from such wickedness? Now do we blame God? How can we?

Where are the parents whose responsibility it is to provide security and a safe environment for the child?  Parents who have been mandated to physically and spiritually stand as watchmen over their homes and over their children?

Parents, especially mothers ought to be spiritually sensitive to these things. But we are not. Rather some of us are busy planning confrontations like I was today, instead of praying. Some of us are busy being so religious and yet having no knowledge of who God really is. Some of us are carried away with devious teachings of feminism and all that nonsense. While some are carried away with the enticements of this world such that they don’t know better than to leave their children with just anyone. Majority of today’s women, better put majority of today’s Christian women have lost their way.

Shame on us, shame on us parents for failing our children, shame on us mothers for not being wise enough to know what materials to use in building our homes right. Shame, shame, shame on us.

This little girl’s story hurt me so badly. I cannot even begin to imagine her pain. See how carelessness and ignorance has deprived this young child of her innocence.

Welcome to today’s world.

Brothers and sisters, this is no time to point fingers, it’s no time for analysis, no time for the blame game.This is no time for religion or religious activities, it’s no time to pray and shout, binding and casting. It’s time that we reflect on ourselves, look deep within.

This is time for us to go back to God. To seek his face, seek for his mercy. Its time that we determine to know the Lord from his word (not from man), to experience and exercise his power, to understand his ways, to learn from him.
The days are truly evil. Can the Lord count on us as watchmen indeed even over our own children and communities?

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