17 perfect coffee mugs for people who don’t like mornings. Or people. Or life without coffee


It’s Monday morning. Or y’know…just morning. You have to be all up and active and stuff but in your mind, you’re plotting the destruction of the universe because people are trying to talk to you without first ensuring that you’ve had your morning coffee. Disrespect.

Luckily, there are people who are sensitive enough to understand your plight and have created coffee mugs that not only minister to your inner Morning Grouch, but also warn morning people to SOD OFF with their bright, cheery nonsense and offers of early morning jogs. You have been known to stab people for much, much less.


1. First, a little early morning poetry:


2. Next, a little practicality:


3. You. Have. Been. Warned.


4. You just want me to come and be acting all responsible and tinz abi?


5. And mummy told me all liars will go to hell.


6. Cos you’re clearly still here. Being annoyingly awake.


7. Also, have you got any? Pie and lattes, that is?


8. Just…


9. I swear.


10. So succinct


11. Viva Naija’s FAVOURITE!


12. True to God. Let me show you I’ve changed!


13. Meeeeow!


14. Valid.


15. Tired. Just…tired.


16. #GothMug


17. The interminable suffering of it all!



Culled from Huffington Post

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