Christian Nurse Sacked For Preaching to NHS Patients: The Difference Between The UK and Africa


Hahahaha, all y’all happy-clappy Christians are going to have to learn to lean back! The funny thing is, I read this story and the whole scenario played out in front of me: an African Christian cannot comprehend a situation where preaching – the gospel, no less! – could be unwanted or unwelcome.

It is the same illness that plagues the preachers on the bus; the people who condemn you to hell and back at 5am in the morning with their infernal megaphones; the Muslims who will behead you without a second’s thought because you have a problem with them doing their ablutions in front of your shop.

Sister Sarah Kuteh – a nurse with 15 years experience, mostly in intensive care – lost her job for discussing religion with patients who complained to Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust.

Mrs Kuteh claims she believed she was helping patients – who were happy to discuss their beliefs. She said the question about religious leanings was part of a questionnaire she was required to complete as part of her job.

The NHS Trust on the other hand, says the discussions were “unwanted” and several people complained Mrs Kuteh had discussed religion with them.

Furthermore it claims she had failed to heed warnings to stop, it reported.

Indeed, during an investigation this summer, it emerged that one patient had complained the nurse had given her a Bible she did not want and had said she would pray for her. Another allegedly said she had felt uncomfortable that Mrs Kuteh was “preaching” at her.

You’ve been a UK nurse for fifteen years and do not know that the British are the leaders of understatement? That they will say something while meaning something else? And make you lose your job while they’re at it? Learner.

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I have listened to her and she seems pretty switched on and empathetic; certainly she meant no harm:

But these type of people never do mean any harm. They believe they are acting in the best interest of the recipient of The Good News.

I don’t know what to tell you, lady. I hope you get your job back. Being unemployed in this country is not akamu and beans at all. And should you be successful, I hope you learn the difference between a career and a creed. Because it would seem the conferrers of the faith would appreciate it if you kept their gift to yourself.

Oyinbo do not play that blurring of lines between professionalism and faith. It is only in Africa that you will doze off at your desk due to staying up all night at night vigil and still get patted on the back.

Be about your paper. Always.

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  1. GBAM💥💥”Being unemployed in this country is not akamu and beans at all. And should you be successful, I hope you learn the difference between a career and a creed. Because it would seem the conferrers of the faith would appreciate it if you kept their gift to yourself.” Hallelujah😇

  2. Stupid religious mentality….and freaks……keep your prayer to your bedroom……. it has landed you a sack after 15 hardworking years. I sincerely hope you get your job back and learn. Or maybe you can go tell the Adeboyes etal to give you money for your subsequent mortgage money….let somebody type amen! This is sad

    • I m not hating just upset at the stupidity and indolence of many religious freaks…. are you aware church buildings are now collapsing on the heads of so called worshippers? I blame the pastor s…. They should all be arrested and sent to jail! The gullibility of our people is beyond redemption now

    • I was just messing with ya, bro. Me, I straight out laughed so if I’m a hater, so be it.

      This ain’t Africa!!! Do your job to the extent of your training and keep your religious inclinations out of it. The patients wanted it indeed. This ain’t America where they will go all Trump at you: red-faced and shouting the odds. Britico will smile politely and just tell your superior.

      What’s even more annoying is that this self-righteous people will find a verse that supports their employment termination. Something along the lines of “Being persecuted for the sake of God”.

      Without thinking about the fact that actually, not everyone wants your faith pushed down their throats.

  3. “How could telling anyone about Jesus Christ be harmful to any patient?”

    Very naive talk. I have an aunt who chases Jehovah’s Witnesses away from her front door like you would do a wild animal. That their doctrine is capable of sending her to hell, so why be polite with them? That’s two Christians. Many Christians are intolerant of other beliefs, so I don’t get where sisi nurse is coming from with that talk.

  4. sister Sarah be courageous, you did the right thing and God will surely see you through, Daniel was cast into the lion den because he prayed when prayers are allowed and was vindicated, if what you did is the will of God, He God will sooner provide you a better job. Hold on to your faith. God never and will never disappoint you.

  5. The person that sacked her will soon face the consiquences! The word of God says in psalm 24:1 the earth is the lord’s and all that dwel therein! In Ezekiel chapter 18:4 the word of God also said! Behold all souls are mine, as soul of the father: so also the soul of son is mine, a soul that sineth, it shall die! That person that sacked her have already invited the anger of the lord upon his/her life, are you going to withstand it? My sister, just be strong in the lord, God almighty is going to open another door of blessing for you! And because you have decided to do the will of God! I tell you, heaven is going to compesate you in jesus name (amen).

  6. Rubbish write up, wat is a big deal abt loosing a job?thousand of faithful people face it on daily basis n its not making headlines.what is d difference between a married woman/Christian lady who refused to mess around wit her boss and got sack? I av been sack once in a hotel becos i refused to move from a front desk to their strippers club.i was waiting to hear that they also open her brain n removed those 15 years experience she got from them,but no. ‘ope u guys will be able to follow her story to the end.

  7. How stupid. They still haven’t mastered separation of personal faith and the workplace especially in a society of people of different/no faith.
    Besides, Working with vulnerable sick people, it’s a no no.

    • Hahaha, I commented on another post about this, see Naija people wan kill me 😂
      Nobody could see anything wrong with forcing your beliefs on people in a professional environment esp when dealing with vulnerable people.

    • You for tag me; I for follow you answer them wella. Na on top nonsense we dey see dem. Drenched in corruption, deceit, instant gratification and greed, but everything is fine as long as you are SEEN to be Christianly – even amongst people who don’t want it!

  8. I just don’t get why Nigerians are overly religious,people should know the meaning of boundaries,and understand why they shouldn’t bring their religious beliefs into the work place…I don’t gerrite… Rachel u no miz me abi,wait o,I go soon finish my thesis I go get ur time..

  9. Dis writer got it wrong d sack of that nurse is preparition of another greater position for d lady either in uk or Nigeria d principles is d same d employer only loose one of most dedicated and honest staff

  10. Eve, religion is supposed to instill discipline & moralty in all facets of life. The nurse did nothing wrong, it is her employers that are mad. These same people can allow ponographic items in their public media, yet ban preaching of a faith that is harmless to them.

    • Religion is supposed to instill discipline right?

      Discipline is the ability to do the right thing at the right time.

      She did the right thing at the wrong time

      So, what are you even saying and who are you please?

  11. It’s high time Africans started waking up from their “mugu” state of mind. The same oyinbo people who introduced Christianity to you do not even care about the religion anymore. How come we seems to take the religion more than the people who introduced it to us? They said our African religion is demonic yet they brought all the so called idols to decorate their museums, yet we can’t read between the lines. It’s okay, it’s okay ***in akam the boy’s voice

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