#FreakForDaWeek VI: The Long Cab Ride Home – by Chinny

Steamy car windows

We continue to make ti do what it do with our #FreakForDaWeek series. Are you still with us? Or have you passed out from the sheer pleasure of it all? Stay with us, don’t go just yet. We have one or two more moments of titillation up our sleeves!

The Long Cab Ride

We got into the cab to go home. I was upset! The entire time while we were at the party he had been busy hanging with his guys and ignoring me. He knew I hated that.

Sensing my apparent displeasure, he pulled me into his arms and kissed the top of my head. While I debated whether to keep fighting, he lowered his head and kissed behind my ears sending shivers down my spine.

My resolve melted. I lost all inclination to fight. He knew so well how to get me.

Dipping his head down, he pulled my legs towards him and put his head inbetween. I moaned so loudly the taxi driver looked back in shock, then a look of understanding as he turned back and faced the road.

He turned me around and began to lick up and down my slit while using his fingers to pull the folds of my swollen pussy lips away from around my clit. It’s huge and throbbing! He presses his tongue against it and i moaned loudly.

Ohh David!

My clit is rock hard. He softly hums directly on it while sticking his fingers in all my holes. There are three fingers now inside my pussy and he’s slowly pumping in and out. His other hand has his thumb in my ass hole and he’s rotating it in and out.

I moan again louder this time and almost sit on his face. I hold his head with both hands and try to ram his face with my pussy while screaming at him: “Suck it baby. For God sakes. Suck IT BABY! SUCK MY CUNT! HARDER.” I keep yelling at him as my body feels the buggesr climax of my life moving into my pussy. “OH YES BABY! OH FUCK YES! SUCK IT. HARDER. . . SUCK IT. . . HARDER! OH GOD!! ALMOST THERE. . . .SUCK IT! OHHH!! YESSSS!!! HARDER. . . . OH YESSSSSS. . . YESSSS!! OH SWEET LORD! THAT’S SO FUCKING GOOD! YES! YES! YES! OH MY GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! SUCK IT! SUCK IT HARDER! I’M THERE! OH BABY SUCK ME!!! HARD.I’M THERE! AHHH!! AHHH. . . AHHH. . . AHHH. . . AHHH. . . AHHH. . . AHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. GODDDDDDDDDDDDD. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS”

I looked up to see the car was no longer moving and the awkward realisation that the driver had witnessed all these first hand.

I pull David up and kiss him fully on the lips tasting my juicy cum on his tongue. I whisper in his ears “you’re next babe” as I pulled him by the hand out of the Uber to the bedroom to show my profound appreciation to his little man.

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