3 Common Communication Habits that Kill Relationships


One of the greatest relationship killers is lack of communication. If you are in a relationship where one party is unable to or afraid to say their mind, just know that you might be headed for the rocks.

I have studied my relationships with people and the easiest ones are those where yes is yes and no is no. There are several people you should avoid or at least give them time before getting too close. These are my top 3:

  1. People who never say their mind. They will always suspect everyone around them of keeping secrets.
  2. Those who never say what they mean or mean what they say. These ones have a tendency to be habitual liars. Even when caught in a lie, they would never see their wrong because they assume you should have read their mind so it’s your fault.
  3. Flatterers. People who only say what they think would make you happy so they can get something from you. These ones will say one thing to your face but kill you in your absence.

In my experience as a freelance writer, one of the things that has helped me is not just being able to help a client communicate their story.

I have also learned how to communicate with these clients on a level that would guard against suspicion, fear and misinterpretation.

There are so many reasons why communication breaks down and relationships suffer irreparable damages. What you say or write, how you write it and when you write your thoughts can make people hate you so much that they would never reconcile with you after a fight.

I have worked with more than 10 individuals and businesses this year and there is hardly a single one I didn’t have to disagree with. Conflict is inevitable. It was while I had these challenging experiences that I saw how fragile relationships could be especially when people struggle to say their mind.

Any relationship that will crash, the first symptom is an unhealthy communication. If you are in love with someone who cannot speak their mind, you might be in for a lot of troublesome times. These things manifest in several ways but my own top 3 symptoms are flattery, a fear of saying what you mean, and secret-keepers.

The last group especially, secret keepers, will make your life so burdensome because now you would automatically have to also help them keep a lot of secrets about other people while others keep secrets about you on their behalf.

They say things like “you are the only one that knows about this, do you know Daniel is a dullard?” and they say it to everyone around them.

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