6 kinds of people you’ll find in every Nigerian office and how to handle them


Whether you are a veteran with 20 plus years of work (war?) experience underneath your belt or you’re some green horn fresh-faced newbie, you will find the Nigerian office to be a potpourri of all kinds of individuals. Knowing what to expect and how to navigate your way can be the difference between a fulfilling work experience and a long time in hell. With that said, we are Viva Naija and here are 5 kinds of people you’ll find in every Nigerian office and how to handle them

1) The Demanding one

This individual is a demanding deliver-or-I-will-slap-your-father-with a-query person. Working under them can be extremely hard as it seems like you just can’t do enough to satisfy their huge expectations

How to handle them: While you certainly can’t change their attitudes, you can control yours. Perhaps try to see things from their point of view and this will go a long way in helping you understand them and put your feet in the right places. It won’t make them any less demanding but it will certainly reduce your stress level

2) The Complaining one

This one has a comment (mostly negative) about everything in the office. Everything from their job assigned to how others are doing their jobs will get a word from him/her

How to handle them: The complainer is usually someone who is deeply unhappy with their job. You would do well not to associate yourself with such negativity as it will likely rub off on you. So our advice is to treat this one like an exposed live wire and AVOID!

3) The lazy one

This one is a little tricky. On the surface they appear to be quite diligent at their tasks but on deeper inspection, they usually spend their days letting others do their job while they amuse themselves with something on the internet

How to handle them: If you happen to be working under this one then do NOT under any circumstances match laziness with laziness. Make sure you do your work as effectively as you can. Also if your boss appears to be an open door type, you might consider talking with him about the issues you have or speaking to upper management if possible (this should be done with maximum caution).

4) The gossiping one:

Everyone’s business is their business. “First hand” information about the boss, their colleagues, their love lives and who is getting sacked soon.

How to handle them: The gossip can be very fun to have around but is best avoided because your image in the office will be tarred and you will eventually (if not already) become the subject of their latest “broadcasts”

5) The brown nosing one:

Getting ahead in the office by kissing one butt at a time. The brow noser is out to rise in the ranks by kissing up to the bosses and doing the darndest to make everyone else look bad.

How to handle them: The brown noser is out only for number one. So associating with them will leave you with a knife in the back. Be careful!


So that’s our list. Did we miss any out? What other kinds of people will you find in a Nigerian office and what ways can you handle them? Tell us about it in the comments below. As always we are Viva Naija and we love you


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