A tribute to all the brave men who have escaped The Friend Zone


It’s hard work being a man. You like a woman and you have to find the right way to toast her. Too aggressive and you’re dismissed as a creep. Too slow and you get thrown into the dreaded Friend Zone.

Few have ever re-surfaced from The Friend Zone, and today, we salute these few brave and valiant men who have overcome tremendous odds to get the girl!

Alcohol. Moving relationships along since 19-kpiridim.


Every girl likes a knight in shining armour. They’re always better than pests.


Waited till she “admitted” she she was going to a sperm bank? Dangerous game you’re playing, son!


To-do list: Gym membership. The end.


A veteran, ladies and gentlemen. A veteran of the battlefield!


Tried and trusted tinz.


Awwww…it was all that grief… 🙂









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