There are actually more men than women in the world


Busting modern day myths

What I don’t understand is how a few Nigerians pick on a moronic fallacy, and peddle it continuously. Even when you correct them, they still hold on tightly to their ignorance as though their lives depend on such fallacy. But I’m always here, nice enough to help.

For the umpteenth time guys, there are MORE MEN THAN WOMEN IN THE WORLD. And by men and women in this context, I mean males and females of all ages.

There’s been various sex ratio statistics, and none of them declared more women than men.

It’s is estimated that out of every 100 females born, about 105-107 males are born. This means that out or every 100million baby girls born, about 105-107million baby boys are born.

But there are higher death rates in males, due to several factors like higher probability to die in wars and violent incidents, and higher longevity (life expectancy) in females.

The younger an age range, the more males. The older and age range, the more females.

Between 0-18; there are much more males.
Between 18-40; the population is almost evenly equal.
At 60 and above, there are much more females. That’s why you much easily find a very old woman than you would find an old man.

However, the higher death rate among males does NOT entirely level this up in the general gender ratio population census.

Overall, out of every 100 females, there are about 101 males.

The world population currently stand at 49.55% females and 50.45% males.

It’s said that there are about 75million more males on earth than females.

Let’s bring it back home. There are countries like US and Canada with slightly more women than men. Like the Canadian population has 51% females and 49% males.

But, our Nigeria is one of those countries with more men than women. Reference the population census before you come here to argue with me.

Whenever I see people make sentences claiming that the ratio of men to women is 1:5 or 1:7, I see ignorance being displayed so boldly in broad daylight. And they say it with so much confidence, you would think they manually took a head count of everyone on earth, then decided to raise an alarm to sound it that the male human specie is going extinct.

They have so peddled this fallacy, it’s beginning to get into people’s heads.

Their reason? Women are more desperate for marriage.
Since when did desperation for marriage become a major factor in determining or estimating population? Like really, on what ground?

Women are more desperate for marriage because in many cultures, like the Nigerian cultures, women are raised and socialized to believe that their ultimate reason for existing on earth is marriage. They are made to believe that they amount to nothing without marriage.

Now, let me make that very illogical statement some people like to make: If every female should marry only one male, there would be over 70million wifeless males on earth. Let that sink in!

P.S. Before you argue with me, please come with facts. Not with something you made up in your head. Or you telling me something like how many women are praying in shilo to find husbands. Those shitty lines don’t debunk my claims in this post.

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