You forced love and now you’re experiencing the Valentine’s Day Hangover


Stop forcing love. Today is going to be frustrating for a lot of you. You will attempt to send that sms. Dial his number, hoping…

Just this week, it was the time for lovey-dovey. Now, it’s over.

Now it’s time for the Valentine’s Day Hangover. The reggae and blues have had their chance. Now your eyes will clear.

You think the colour red changes people? That we have a love fest does not mean he will leave his wife for you. Or that she will want you for more than that expensive dinner or Valentine’s Day gift.

What is not meant to be is not meant to be. Those who would love you would have very few excuses to give.

But you have been on her matter since last year. She does not even remember your name when you call. Stop forcing it. Go home and look for love elsewhere.

February 14th was either a butterfly-filled day or a nightmare for a lot of people.

Maybe she had no options and you had none either, so she agreed to a date. Today, she has returned to ignoring you.

She thinks you stink, she talks down at you, she hates your dress sense, but for the sake of Valentine…

Don’t be caught up in the actions called love: buying flowers, selling your car to give her “human hair”. Even if you burn in fire to make her smile today, love will continually torment you with its ever-present absence.

Yesterday, you probably exhausted yourself licking, caressing, touching, but your efforts are merely skin deep. Love is not hidden in the epidermis; you cannot suck love out into existence. Kisses should be meant for those who truly deserve them.

Why don’t you just save your energy?

Calendar dates don’t cast love spells. If a person didn’t love you before Feb 14, you were probably just a maga.

I am just a storyteller, what do I know? This jamboree has come to end. Now, I will write about your lonely songs and endless lamentations. Izz nor me that kuku sent you.

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