Amala Adventures: Daddy G.O Cannot Even Break His Fast in Peace


Waiter: Here we go, sir. African black pudding with a dash of flavoured peppers, veggies and beef parts. Enjoy your meal sir. (bows and turns to leave)

G.O: Wos, wa n bi jare! Nibo lo nlo? To kan n bow kiri bi oloyunbere (wall gecko). Obe da?! Abi so fe ki n ma san amala lasan je ni?
{My fren, come here! Where are you going? That you’re just bowing upandan like a wall gecko. Where’s the soup? Or you just want me to be dry-hauling amala like that?}

Waiter: Sorry, what else do you want sir?

G.O: What else do I want bawo?! Are you normal? Where is the soup?! SOUPPPPP!

Waiter: It’s there sir.

G.O: It’s where? Look young man, I’ve been fasting for a while now….if I open my mouth to curse you people here, e ma fold up ni o. Puh-lease gimme soup. Let me eat my food in peace and leave. And also puh-lease change these meats for me.

Waiter: Erm sir…

G.O: Young man, I’m warning you… wa gba epe o….{you go collect swear o!}


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