Are you a fighter, a warrior or a full-on DEMON in the battle of the heart? By Joe Aito

warrior of love demon

For some, it’s not about love or lust, neither is it about companionship or sex. It is a conquest. They have to conquer, demystify, and unravel you.

warrior of love demon

Often, they mistake their hunger for you as love. And tell themselves that the depth of their crave for you is the craze of their love- proof that their feelings are true.

When they finally stand as victors – conquerors over you, the presumed love tips over and a sour disdain, contempt, scorn, derision, disparagement, or at best, indifference or nonchalance, replaces it.

For some warriors, the conquest is to get into your pants. Once they get that, game over. Dull indifference sets in and the need to discover another conquest gnaws. But this is too easy. I could almost consider these, the nice warriors.

For the more feral warriors, victory is winning your love. In this case, friendship, sex, and money isn’t the deal. The moment they are certain of your true love, they bask in it for a while and then the downward plunge comes. You become stale. They’re on to the next one.

For a 12 year old boy, Victory may be getting that girl in his class to smile back at him. After which, the world be damned. The girl be damned also.

Most times, the victor here may even be surprised at his/her change in demeanor. How one minute he or she thinks the other is the icing on the cake, the L in Love, and then after victory, the person becomes one to be hidden from.

The intriguing thing is, most people don’t even know when they are out to just conquer. Their brain rationalizes the situation and in some way, they stay convinced that they are in love… until the need is met, the conquest over and they move on, seeking who else to devour.

…But I should warn you of this last set of people. They are wolves. Demons. This is their job, their call in life. They win when they’ve won your love, made you an addict to them and then… KABOOOM!!

©TSquared2016|Demons warriors fighters

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