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The good doctor likes people, although that might not seem clear from the onset. Sarcastic but benevolent, read about politics and healthcare from the finest medical personnel we know!

What Nigerian leadership needs to learn from the Orlando shooting

Following the news that fifty people have lost their lives during the Orlando shooting - a tragic, unfortunate shooting in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida yesterday, one must wonder if there are any...

Indomie Noodles and Short Stature

The diet of many a Nigerian child is afflicted by a national disease: noodles. I say Indomie Noodles cos that's what we eat. Any other noodles is a counterfeit. That stuff is so easy to...

Kano beheading: Nigeria is a secular country, BUT!

Nigeria is a secular country! But! Abia State can make a law authorising 'burning' of theft and armed robbery convicts. The state house of assembly can legalise the Bakassi boys to carry out arrests and executions,...

Hate and Murder: How society sanctions prejudice

From 1885, southern US states dominated by whites passed series of new constitutions, electoral laws, segregation and Jim Crow statutes, to enforce prejudice and the second class status of African Americans. Lynchings and mob killings...

Evil spirits live only in the mind! Free yourself!

I spent my early years in a community where adults sometimes kept the kids quiet by warning them that noisy or badly behaved children would incur the wrath of evil spirits. Invoking God and Heaven...

You cannot fool all of the people all of the time…

Whitewashing domestic ills, ignoring them, lying to the citizens about the challenges and problems they face, are not marks of principled leadership and politics in Nigeria is no different. It is not a positive sign...

What is Africa’s role in the IT explosion?

Back in the day, when I was a fresher in university, information was so scarce and our library had thousands of archaic books. It cost an arm, a leg and a soul to acquire the...

Bow legs and knock knees in children: when money is not enough

BOW LEGS AND KNOCK KNEES: When money is not enough! This is a peculiar growth problem and bone deformation that is quite common with the upwardly mobile folks who live in overcrowded cities. It is a...

Girl at birth; boy at 12! How gender identity differs from sex

Rachel was born in 1970 in the Dominican Republic. At birth, she had the proper set of female sex organs, was given a feminine name, and since that time, was raised as a girl....