Beware the cunning wiles of Nigerian politicians this election period o!


When election is drawing near, orisirisi awon isele buruku laa bere si sele bi:
All sorts of evil shenanigans will begin, such as:

Awon eleriibu ojelu yen a bere si s’ore mekunnu.
The unfortunate devils who have eaten of the fa of the land will begin to befriend the common man.

Won a bere si ma fi itara da si oro to ba kan mekunnu.
They will begin to make impassioned speeches concerning the plight of the common man.

Won a bere si wo’so ankara ti won o k’ose s’orun e.
They will begin to wear plain Ankara fabric lacking in embroidery of any sort. 

Won a ma mu garri pelu epa.
They’ll be drinking garri with groundnut.

Won a ma je agbado yinyan ni ita gbangba.
They’ll be eating roast corn in the outside.

Won a bere si ma ba awon mokaliki tu taya moto legbe titi.
They will start helping Taofeek the mechanic to loosen tyre from motor by the roadside. 

Won a ma ba awon iya ‘l’oja ta epo pupa, awon mi’i ninu won a ma yan booli.
They will start helping marketwomen to sell palm oyeh, some are ready to start helping the women roast boli by the junction sef. 

Won a bere si ma joko pelu awon omo’gboro si’so awon oniparaga.
By the time push turns to shove, they will start sitting at the stall of the Ponkriyon seller with all the local area boys. 

Won a bere si lo soosi deedee.
They will start going to church diligently as if they’re collecting inside the tithes sef.

Won a kirun gan ju Aare Adinni lo.
Their Muslim prayers will be more ardent than the supplications of Aare Adinni.

Won a bere si lo ma ki Dele ni’le. Kii se Dele Thompson, olorin, ni mo n so o. Dele bantu, washerman onijekuje. E ti mo abi? Bee si mo, eyin le mo.
They will start to go and be greeting Dele at home. Not Dele Thompson the singer o. Dele bantu, the washerman/launderer for whom no fabric is too dirty and no stain too deep. Atink you now know who I am talking about? Anyway, if you don’t know, na you know. Not from my mouth you will hear that the teacher’s mother is dead. 

E ma je ki won fi awon iwa agabangebe yi gba lakaaye yin o! Odaju ayeraye ni won!
Ojurere yin ti won n wa, ibo yin ni won fe gba.
Do not let their treachery, deception and cunning wiles collect your understanding o! They’re hardened, bare-faced criminals!They’re looking for your favour, hoping for your vote!

E fura o!
Be vigilant o!

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