Biafrans deify Nnamdu Kanu as men kneel to kiss his feet – Julius Izuagie Umogbai


To borrow Pius Adesanmi’s prescient analogy of my thief is not the only thief, because you too have a thief! Our people are at it again.

There is a picture of Nmandi Kanu, the Jesus of the East, standing with a fellow, seeming to kiss his feet.

Sadly, instead of some people to actually own it and declare that it is a measure of the depth of his support and the esteem he is held in, they are quickly posting pictures of Yoruba people prostrating.

Biafrans explaining the greeting given to Nnamdi Kanu with Yoruba comparisons

This our insistence on standing logic on it’s head in defence of our small patch is, to put it mildly, disingenuous and puerile!

Who does not know that Yorubas, from the dawn of time, always prostrate to greet their elders, in-laws, and whoever is beneficent to them?

In fact, one fellow wrote the other day that a Yoruba girl, on withdrawing money from the ATM machine, knelt down in gratitude before the machine.

Igbos, on the other hand, do not even bow when they greet their parents. If the Yorubas are to be believed, in their riposte to being called ofe mmanu (a derogation of their penchant for cooking with too much oil) by Igbos, the Yorubas joke that some people (Igbos) wake their parents with a kick!

What is not good is not good, according to that popular song. Nnamdi Kanu is now bigger than Jesus, and he is now receiving kisses at his feet.

Almighty Kanu is treading the path very few have trodden: the path of those who birth nations.

Unfortunately, many have also lost their way in this noble quest.

When a man becomes bigger than the nation he seeks to birth, the birth is negated and it becomes stillborn.

Unwittingly, Nnamdi Kanu might just be doing the work of the Nigerian state for her: the scuttling of his dream by his continued hubris,and messianic complex!

Like Ndi Igbo often say in fierce defence of their republicanism: IGBO ENWE EZE!

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