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Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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Ten Thoughts On The Proposed Sale Of Some Nigerian National Assets

On the proposed sale of Nigerian assets, my suggestions are: Sell the refineries. Sell the presidential fleet. And sell the airports via concessions! Sell...

About bloody time! FG, investors sign N522bn pacts for mega solar...

I mean, Lord above knows we get enough sunlight in that country. Even though most days you can't see the sun because it is...

IBPMNs – Give it up for Nigeria’s Century Orchestra

This article was written two years ago, it saddens that it still remains relevant, painfully much more, till now. The many sounds of generators emanating...

Benue State, Bad Makurdi Weed, and the Ozone Layer

Someone must have sold some bad weed to the internal revenue service of Benue State, why else in this hard perilous times will they...