Ladies, Carpe Diem and seize the bae this Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Love Story

Love happens to us when we least expect it. You’re walking about just minding your business and Cupid comes for you and overpowers you, turning your steely resolve and devil-may-care attitude to dreaminess and distraction. And if ever there was a time for love’s hope to spring eternal, it is around Valentine’s Day.

So it was with this Facebook user. A few days before Valentine’s, Abbi Polit Durumba came on Facebook to have a word about one of the biggest pet peeves of being single: the inane questions and the relentless poke-nosing. But then she accidentally slipped and fell in love.

She put up a post asking “Pls stop asking a single girl why she’s still single. That’s so insensitive” Legit request, right? These people do be trying to get all up in your business, trying to find out what is so flawed about you that you haven’t married yet. And if you don’t answer on time, they will start making suggestions of their own as to why you have been inflicted with this particular malady.

Valentine's Day Love Story -1

Abi it’s because you’re too picky? Or maybe because you’re not submissive? Wait, I know! You can’t cook! That must be it. Ugh. World pipo.

Anyway, so back to the story, ahem. Yes, there was a guy on her timeline who sympathised with her plight; after all he himself was a man and being harassed to death over his single status.

And then! And then! Abbi Polit Durumba took the jump shot and entered the MVP Hall of Fame with this line “Thank you jare my friend Iyke, but since both of us dey same boat, how about we do a COLLABO and get these people off our backs *winks*

Iyke, being a somebody wey im mama born well, did not just slack at all, fires back with “Shebi I don think am before #wink#”

Valentine's Day Love Story -2

If you no know, you go tink say na Apollo dey worry dem two o, all this winking going on, but neither of them were on a long ting.

Folks, this conversation happened Feb 6th, 2013 and Iyke and Abbi got married in November, 2015.

Ladies, don’t dull yourselves at all. The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence etc etc.

A closed mouth does not get fed and so on and so forth.

Carpe diem. Seize the bae.

Valentine's Day Love Story -3 Valentine's Day Love Story -4

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