CONTENTMENT: How It Helps Your Relationship


Contentment is simply defined as a state of being satisfied.

Quick question: How content are you?
As simple as this word sounds,  lack of it called discontentment is the reason some relationships crash.
Most times,  women are caught in the web here,  we can blame it on peer influence,  strange desire to belong or unnecessary rivalry.
Men are not exempted from this as well.

I was called into the case of a couple whose marriage was suffering because of wife’s incessant demand to have anything their neighbour,  a working class single girl has.  This goes from wears to accessories to bags,  shoes,  hair extensions,  just name it.
She’s not going to buy them in same color but she wants to have them.  This was telling on her husband’s finances as Mrs. Wife isn’t working but is rather a full time house wife.
Mr. Husband was already fed up when he sent me a message asking for suggestions.  I simply asked for his wife’s phone number and had a chat with her.

She has everything a good man could provide his wife with,  no doubt that but she kept wanting to live the life of another person without stopping to ask: Can I afford those? Does having these things make me any better? How much strain are these on my finances? She had totally forgotten that a single girl can do anything with her money,  especially when she’s her only responsibility.

After my chat with her,  she saw reasons with me to stop comparing herself with another and be gratefully contented with what her husband could provide for her.
She also admitted that having those things doesn’t even make her satisfied but because she just wants to prove to the lady that even as a married woman,  she could pull off those wears just as her.

Contentment just about solves a lot of stress for you in your relationship.

When you’re contented,  you find yourself totally satisfied with what you have.  You have no business desiring what another has or owns.

You have peace of mind when you’re contented, because there’s no one you’re trying to be like or prove a thing to.

You’re a better you,  your own individual when you’re contented. You look at the mirror and see yourself not another person.  You smile knowing you’re where you need to be,  not where another’s person’s outlook in life drove you to be.

You do not see another person in your partner,  but you see your partner as who be/she is. As a man,  you don’t go lusting after a fair pretty lady when your woman is dark and pretty.
As a lady,  you don’t go fantasizing about being in the arms of a rich man when your man is comfortably taking care of your needs.

Comparison robs one of a life of contentment.  When you keep seeing what another has that you don’t have,  you fail to see what you have they can never have.

It’s okay to admire someone,  it’s okay to appreciate what they have but then,  let it end there and not push you to losing yourself trying to be like them.

Imitation limits you and kills your real essence.

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