Controversial Pastor Suleman in infidelity scandal with Canadian mistress


Pastor Suleman, Canadian mistress: it’s another pastor scandal time and first up is our very own Pastor Suleman. The fire man! The one who speaks and angels thunder from the sky! Our pastor who has been fixing Africa from the recesses of his bedroom.

So, as is usually the case, one foine Canadian peperempe has come out with plausible reason to believe that the pastor is accusing her of blackmail. Was there blackmail? Well, she claims that after Pastor Suleman impregnated and dumped her, she told another pastor. This second pastor recorded the narration and initiated the blackmail against Pastor Suleman.

Let us even deviate from the matter a little bit,  is there something “strong” with the head of these so called ‘men of God’? One is about to land in a big infidelity scandal and the other one could only think of how to blackmail his colleague in ministry?! This is outright insanity and maybe it’s time pastors start getting licences to practice.  Irrespective of anointing, there may be a need to have a code of ethics for this profession.

The position of a pastor makes him teacher,  leader, counsellor, health educator and several other things at once. It also gives them access to sensitive issues. Many people who seek their mentoring or leadership may be in very vulnerable positions. If nothing else is regulated in Nigeria,  I think religious leadership should be regulated.  I am also tempted to believe the lady’s story because, according to her, it was the other pastor who was doing the blackmailing and she was arrested while conducting her business at a UBA bank.

Okay, back to the scandal. A while back, Pastor Suleiman was almost detained by the DSS as has become the norm in Nigeria. The claims were that he made some violence-inciting comments against the Fulanis in Southern Kaduna. He was, however, protected by Governor Fayose of Ekiti State.

Now a lot of us Nigerians, we know how to miss road and yarn dust when it comes to our pastors. A lot of comments on this matter have removed from the issue of investigating if he truly had sex outside marriage with this Canadian lady;  if truly he promised her marriage; and if truly he forced her to get an abortion.

Stephanie Otobo, the mistress, claims to have evidence, but we are not asking that she produce them. Instead, we aer more invested in saving the pastor’s hide. A lot of comments have been obfuscating the issue to make it look like the pastor is a victim of political persecution.

I can’t even pray for Nigeria again, this country is full of smellos! We always have our priorities lodged in the wrong places. If she truly has not made any moves to blackmail the pastor, then I think we need to question the pastor a bit more. The whole thing is a pot of burnt beans.

Soon this matter will die out, soon everyone will go back to their father’s doormot. We will return to church on Sunday and sing hossana. When, in fact, we should be worried about the kind of scandals that go unresolved in this country. This will not be the first pastor that will be fingered by a lady for sexual impropriety but we are letting this issue nosedive even before it has started. This is not a political issue!  This is the case of a leader whose morality has been brought to question and we must not lose sight of that.

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