Making the Most of Your Opportunities

Making the Most of Your Opportunities

A few months after I started Business First Steps, I was approached by a fairly big company to partner with them on one of their pilot schemes.  Sad to remember, but I chickened out because I thought I was not experienced enough to take on such a huge opportunity at the time.

What is an Opportunity?

An opportunity is defined as a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

I wish I read this quote by Richard Branson back then…

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!”

Now I know better and I take the above quote literarily. It has helped me immensely to grow my business and my network.

Are there any recent opportunities that have passed you by?

Have you allowed your present state of mind to deny you of a lifetime opportunity?

Maybe you actually took the opportunity but didn’t maximise it and extend the effects beyond its original tenure.

They say opportunities are like buses – I agree. But we can’t wait for the bus with the cushioned seats before we jump on. You might have to stand in the crowded section for a while before you find your perfect seat.  The most important step is to get on the bus.

Are you at the start-up stage, or are you running a thriving business? Every business has its fair share of opportunities to expand upwards or sideways.  The choice is yours to decide if you want to grow.   I want to encourage you to look at the opportunities knocking at your doorstep and take the bold step to embrace them.

Making the Most of Your Opportunities

Here are some basic questions to help you choose the right option?

Does it meet a need?  If there is a viable need for the opportunity presented to you by all means take advantage of it.  Carry out adequate market research to find out where you can fit in the market and go for it.  Make use of Google Customer Survey or other survey service to find out if your hunch is right.

Geographic Location – are you able to travel to the location of the opportunity or delegate it to someone else?  You might need to keep an eye on the project in the initial stages so make sure your current lifestyle can accommodate it.

Do you have the time and resources? A Yes or No should not be a problem but the question helps highlight what you need to d and choose the next best option. ‘No time’ is one of the biggest excuses of our age. The problem is not ‘no time’ but how to manage the time we have.  Weigh your options carefully and find out if you can delegate, automate or outsource the tasks required to make great things happen.

Some of these opportunities might seem quite daunting to take on and you might need support to do so.  Do not let the variables be the determinant but weigh the benefits of the opportunities for your business.

I am cheering you on with many business blessings.

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