Daddy G.O. pleads for the Nigerian house girl


(Daddy G.O with a member of the ministry in a meeting)

Madam Abayomi: Good afternoon, sir. I was told you want to see me sir….won le fe ri mi?

G.O: Haa, e pele ma. Bawo ni business? I just want to discuss a little matter with you.

Madam Salewa: Okay, sir.

G.O: I saw Salewa yesterday and the condition I saw her in was appalling. She was looking haggard. I found it hard to believe a child under your roof would look like that considering your wealth and position in the society. I even asked her if she was or is sick, and she told me she is fine.
Immediately she left, the one who called me whispered to me that the girl is being maltreated and under immense stress.

Madam Abayomi: E ma gbo G.O sha…so it is Salewa’s matter that you are taking this seriously? Sebi omo odo lasan ni Salewa…she is just a house-girl so kini big deal? Do you expect her to be wearing damask or competing with my children in dressing?  So she has come here to run her mouth anyhow abi? I swear to God she won’t eat for the next seven days. In fact, ti inu ba bi mi…mo le…(getting angry).

(Daddy G.O. cuts in)

G.O: Haaa Madamuuuuuu!!! Have you forgotten that she is a human being created by God just like you? She hasn’t come to tell me anything. It’s written all over her that she’s going through hell. Ona lo jin eru naa ma ni baba. A fi yin se olori won ni, sugbon a o fi emi won le yin lowo.  We have placed you in charge of these ones as their boss but we have not placed their lives in your hands.

Why do you treat people working under you as if they do not deserve to live? Omolomo la n ranse de torutoru. You laden them with so much work, feed them sparingly, and upon all your wealth, you barely clothe them. They sleep on bare floors in the kitchen while you have spare rooms unoccupied. They go about looking haggard yet we hear how your kids spend lavishly in town. Haa! Iwa odaju re o, and I want you to have a re-think.

Madam Abayomi: G.O, so is it because of ordinary Salewa that you are talking to me like this? Salewa lasan lasan!

G.O: Madamu, Oni lari ko s’eni to mola o. No one knows tomorrow. Mo ti ri omo oba to pada wa d’eru. I have seen princes who finally became slaves and I have seen slaves who ended up as the employer of the children of their former bosses.

Madamuuu, e rora l’ogba…ki igba to pada wa lo yin. Take life easy, madamu. Please treat these people with respect and dignity. Let them not because of the pain you inflict on them curse their maker.

Madam Abayomi: Oore ni mo se won o. I did them a massive favour!

G.O cuts in: Shall we pray…

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