Demand #CommitOrComot! Don’t let ‘Agada Gbachiri Uzo’ use your life to do bookmark!

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You should be discerning enough to know when somebody has become an agada gbachiri uzo (obstruction) in your life.

A relationship should be active, living and progressive. I mean, how can someone sit complacently in a vehicle that isn’t going anywhere? Who does that?

You get into relationships with the intention that it would afford you the opportunity for exchange and partnership. A partnership that should guarantee mutual growth, development and satisfaction. There is no wisdom in sticking to partners who drain rather than add to you. Some people drain you physically, emotionally, psychologically, financially and even sexually. They add no value to you.



The controlling spirit of “Agada Gbachiri Uzos”

However, this isn’t as bad the case of the agadagbachiriuzos. These ones are in a class of their own when it comes to wickedness and witchcraft!

They ain’t adding no value to you and they are not willing to let you go. They hold on to you, enslave you emotionally and shut you out from all avenues where growth can be accessed. How wicked can some people be?!

These types monitor who you talk to, prevent you from having friends, dictate the kind of job you are allowed to do. They make sure that you won’t be found anywhere that you can meet new people because somewhere in their minds, they are aware that they are replaceable. To prevent that from happening, they keep you in bondage. They enjoy the power they have over you.

These pride themselves as gods. They think they are invincible, but the truth is that they are very weak.
Their power is derived from your weakness of will. The moment you decide to pull off their shackles over you, every hedge they’ve built around you comes crashing, because ab initio it wasn’t real.

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery

But you DO have to make the move.
You have to decide what you can allow in your life. What you allow is what grows. Understand that you are a key player in your own relationship. This will give you the much-needed motivation to take off their emotional chains.

You have the right to happiness. Nobody should hold the key to your happiness except you. You are the CEO. The C-in-C of your life.

The moment you discover that your partner has landed a new job as your agadagbachiriuzo, know that it’s time to say good bye. It is better to grow alone than to stagnate in the company of another.

Run your relationship on your own terms. Your terms being the conditions under which you derive satisfaction as much as your partner does.

Take Control of your life

If a relationship would limit the fulfilment of your purpose, break it off. People will remember you more for your purpose than your relationship. Remember it is your life and you are in the best position to take away your obstacles. Just like in real life, we don’t easily get into houses where there is no entrance.

Learn to create space for better people and things in your life by clearing the agadagbachiriuzos in it.

© Victor Ibeh

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