Domestic Violence is not a male thing


Domestic violence is not a man, it is a person that has both male and female organs. Some times I cringe at the assumption that only men are violent in their relationships.

Unlike their female counterparts, most men who go through domestic violence are usually shy about it. We are taught in this part of the world that real men don’t cry or show emotion or appear weak. Which man would want to tell you that his wife hits him? We don’t want anybody to ridicule us, so we just suffer silently.

There are women who are very generous with slaps and other forms of physical violence. There are women who would destroy things in the house at the slightest provocation. All those men who were butchered in their sleep have been experiencing domestic violence long before their death.

When I address domestic violence, I don’t ever make it a gender issue. A violent woman or man is violent irrespective of gender. The first time a lady slapped me in public, instead of slapping her back or doing something else, I became shy. I was conscious of the environment and what people would think about me.

This isn’t much different from what many men go through in their relationships/marriages, but the fear of what people would say keeps them from speaking out. Make no mistake about it, we have more cases of violence against men than you can imagine. In our fight against domestic violence, we need to advert our minds to the fact that violence isn’t a masculine thing. Anybody can be violent. 

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