What you don’t know about social media marketing is hurting your business!


I once said this and I will repeat it because it works: “Nobody can believe in your vision more than you, if you want people to subscribe to your belief system, then peddle it like a shameless hawker.”

Okay, that is the spiced up version. I want to help you understand how leads find your business website, packages, social pages and landing pages. And how they eventually become customers and clients.

Always find a way to make reference to your page or website. Remember how sometimes you will see a missing child crying “where is my mummy?”? At first the whining may not catch your attention, but then the child persistently repeats his request and cries louder. You then actually look at the child, you are sucked into his misery, before long you also start shouting “Who is the owner of this child ooo?!! Where is his mummy ooo?!”

Your website, social media page, or landing page is like a baby. It carries your vision, it carries the future of your business.

Your baby may just be a static page; no voice, no content, no need for anyone to pay attention to it. Even you don’t pay attention to it.

Your baby may be filled with copied content; it has nothing unique to say. It is crying for something else entirely and this only leads to failed leads because people come expecting A and they find B.

Your baby may be filled with beautiful content, it represents your vision appropriately, it has a unique voice but you never mention your baby to people. You want traffic to just come miraculously because you have a beautiful baby.

Listen,  there are many beautiful babies out there calling to potential leads who are supposed to nurture that baby with you. They are your potential clients, partners or sponsors but you cannot rely on other people to market your baby if you are not even proud of him.

So social media marketing works with your confidence; the authority you personally command while sharing your vision with others.  The content on your site and social pages are good but you need to dedicate time to pointing people in the direction of your baby. Then, you seal a relationship with visitors who get convinced by your content that indeed, you are the real deal.

This is how social media marketing works, I am doing this favour of explaining on behalf of a lot of frustrated writers and content developers. We can build content, we can write, we can research and post trending stories, but for sales to be made, people want to see the brains behind it all before committing cash to your product or service. We convince them by telling your stories but you are the one who needs to be shaking hands and proving that you are truly a doctor, lawyer, export trader, building contractor or whatever it is you sell.

Social media managers, writers, content developers, bloggers, you can share this if you think this will help your potential clients.

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