Our education system needs reform

Nigeria's educational system

Nigeria’s educational system

We need to face facts: our education system needs reform. Too many things are outdated and wrong and we still do it, churning out students and graduates by the hundreds who are already at a disadvantage being in this nation, but to make it worse, they then have to use old tools and ideas? That is too bad.

I even remember my year one in University of Portharcourt. I had finished paying money for lab coat (you must rent it each time you want to use it and some are so torn and dirty) plus registration for lab practicals and buying manual that was a useless and stupid photocopy, only to get there and share microscopes with people. I do not think we had up to five that were working in a Biochemistry class of at least 180 students! What the absolute hell! I sure say them never do anything about am till now sef.

We actually had to draw the so called organisms “with brain” because we did not see jack even with the devices that actually worked. The lens of this one is bad, the knob of that one does not work well. This one works well but you can only zoom out and not in. It was a freaking nightmare. And yet when people fail such courses, we find lecturers and even other students make stupid comments about laziness.

By year three we had this lecturer (and thank God I do not remember her name or I would have written it out of annoyance) who had the gall to claim she does not repeat her notes, that they are fresh every year so anyone copying from seniors notes is deceiving themselves. Big lie. I had the notes of my senior and the one before him. Same damn thing, word for word!

In fact this woman had more to say about dressing, Jesus and prayer than actual lectures! This is what our education system is like. Let us stop making it seem like people just do not want to learn. I am telling you that under such conditions you should even celebrate people that come out with a pass not to mention a first class. It is not easy for anyone.

Let me not talk about the corruption, lecturers wanting to sleep with ladies, bribes to pass courses, dirty hostels or horrible security. In my years in Uniport we had cultism, militancy and strikes. I woke up one morning, after a bad night hearing people fighting, screaming and shooting, to see a trail of blood lead from near my fence to the main road and some clown will tell me ehn, it is all part of learning, blah blah blah.

We have old courses and subjects that need to be updated. We have lessons that need to be stopped for some and stepped up for others. We need teachers and lecturers that know what they are doing. We need reform. I am waiting for the day we actually get an education minister that does anything at all.

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